Springer Kalevi Holsti: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, Foreign

In honour of Prof. Kalevi Holsti's 80th birthday, this collection presents 15 of the renowned Political Scientist's major essays and research projects. It also offers a of writings on theories of international relations,


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Springer Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals

creation no falsification Tl rejected etc. Figure 1 1 delivers such a result that the theory must be seen as an extension of Popper's rational proce discarded. In this way we come at same time dure for eliminatio


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Cambridge University Press The Dopaminergic Mind in Human Evolution and

What does it mean to be human? There are many theories of evolution of behavior which seek to explain how our brains evolved to support unique abilities and personalities. Most of these have focused on role of size or speci


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Palgrave Macmillan History, Fiction, and The Tudors

This is the first book length study of award winning historical drama The Tudors. In this volume twenty distinguished scholars separate documented history, plausible invention, and outright fantasy in a lively series of scholarly, but


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McGraw Hill Education Medical Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice,

The most complete and up to date text on the art science of embalmingSponsored by American Board of Funeral Service EducationComprehensive thoroughly updated in this fifth edit


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Palgrave Macmillan Myths and Milestones in the History of Sport

The conventional history of sport, as conveyed by television and the sports press, has thrown up a great many apparent turning points, but knowledge of these apparently defining moments is often slight. This book offers readable, in depth studies


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Cambridge University Press Phylogenetic Inference, Selection Theory, and

A.W.F. Edwards is one of the most influential mathematical geneticists in history of discipline. One of last students of R.A. Fisher, pioneered statistical analysis of phylogeny in collaboration with L.L. Cavalli Sforza


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ABC CLIO Gender Roles in American Life: A Documentary History of Political,

This two volume set examines how the evolution of gender roles in United States has changed family dynamics, business practices, and our concepts of womanhood as well as affected debates about equality, political military servi


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Symantec The Scar: A Personal History of Depression and Recovery

A fearless, candid memoir interweaving the author's descent into depression with a medical cultural history of this illness. At age of twenty seven, married, living in New York, working in book design, Mary Creg


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Pen and Sword History Tudor Victims of the Reformation

This book describes a selection of people caught up in the turmoil that presaged reformation a period of change instigated by a king whose desire a legitimate son was to brutally sweep aside an entire way of life. The most famous


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